• Basketball Camps

    If you want to improve, develop, and sharpen your basketball skills so that you are ready for the upcoming season then HAAS Athletics Basketball Camp is what you need!

  • Basketball Classes

    We offer personal one on one training and group training. We are also available to work alongside coaches at school practices or lead camps to help your team prepare for the upcoming season. We begin training youth athletes at age 6!

  • X-Plosion and Speed Program

    Athletes who are serious about gaining an edge on their competition in any sport will benefit greatly from our Speed and X-Plosion Programs. These programs are designed to do what they the athlete become faster, quicker, more balanced, and ultimately more explosive!!

  • JUMP Program

    Our jump program is a special program specifically designed to increase the performance of athletes of many sports. If you are looking to slam dunk, block shots, catch the winning touchdown pass, or gain height in your tumbling then the jump program is the program for you!

  • Sport Specific Training

    HAAS Athletics Sports Specific Programs are performance and conditioning classes designed to take your game, no matter what sport you play, to the next level.  If you or your athlete want to perform better in their sport these specially designed programs are for you!